Saturday, December 4, 2010

Survivor Philippines Celebrity Edition Winner

Akihiro Sato wins Survivor Philippines Celebrity Edition. This Brazilian-Japanese model-actor, tagged as "Mr.Nice Guy," took home 3 million pesos and the title as the Philippines First Celebrity Sole Survivor. He won the heart of the jury with 3 votes, against Ervic Vijandre and Solenn Heussaff, who got 2 votes each.

We've tuned in on TV to watch the finale of Survivor Celebrity Showdown and rooted for both Akihiro and Solenn. Solenn, who's always the last woman standing in the game, shows what a modern woman should be. She played the game well. She showed her strength, her braveness and her smartness all throughout.

Congratulations Akihiro for a well deserved win! Yes, it's a game, but true, you can play the game fairly. He gave his best in all the challenges, won immunity, beat his tribemates, yet never forgot to show concern and compassion. He might not be a pure Pinoy, but he showed everyone how to play fairly and with dignity. He's not a pure Pinoy, but has a heart of a Filipino, with the attitude of a true victor. He is humble but a real fighter.

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