Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Meralco My Appliance Calculator

Electricity bills can make anyone cringe. Not just during summer where air conditioner is used for more hours a day, but also during the holiday season when Christmas lights are lit for more days and electric cookwares are used for extensive period.

How much is your monthly electric bill? Do you want to manage your electric bills better and know how much a particular appliance will consume electricity?

Now you can do this using the Meralco Appliance Calculator (MAC).

This is our Electricity Budget Buddy!

meralco appliance calculator, meralco electric bill

My Appliance Calculator is designed to be an electricity bill management tool of Meralco residential customers to help them: a) better manage their electric consumption and their electric bill; b) make wiser decisions in buying home appliances, and; c) get home energy efficiency tips that are customized to their home electricity consumption.

The “My Appliance Calculator” allows you to know the estimated consumption of your home appliances. 

The “My Bill Manager” allows you to get an estimate of the household’s total electric consumption cost, know which appliances consume most electricity and get energy efficiency tips.

Also, if you need to target a certain monthly bill amount, use the "Target bill Estimator" to know how many kilowatt hours you can consume. 

M.A.C. is a good way of checking what appliances contribute to our electricity bills. It is easy-to-use and a valuable tool for all consumers.

Anyone can access the M.A.C. from Meralco’s website: www.meralco.com.ph.

Try this and see for yourself!

[An Afternoon of Pampering]

It's good that I got invited to try this application. I honestly didn't know that M.A.C. existed way back 2003 and was just reintroduced.

I enjoyed the food from Bo's Coffee and the nail reflexology treatment at Beauty and Butter, located at the 5th level of SM Megamall.

bo coffee SM Megamall, meralco event

Beauty & Butter SM Megamall, nail treatment

Bloggers were provided with iPads so we can test the MAC. Everyone enjoyed the game while being pampered at the same time! 

iPad, Meralco website



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