Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Create a Statement, Wear a Fashionable Hat

Theme-based Christmas parties are very popular these days - from retro, high school, Japanese anime, medieval, western to rockstar theme. Celebrating a Holiday party with a different approach is a great way to break away from the old, traditional parties. It's wonderful to see everyone dressed up in their costumes and see their fashionable styles.

My husband's office Christmas party is similar to the Mommy Blogger's Party that I've attended a week ago (which I haven't posted yet). It's going Wild West wearing a Cowboy-inspired outfit! It's an exciting party theme where cowboy hats and cowboy boots are one of the main attraction. And yes, my husband did wear a cowboy hat too!

There's something special about wearing a hat. Indeed, a great hat speaks for itself.

Most people want a hat that's far from being ordinary - just like Stetson hat. It's one of the most well known hats in the world with an amazing selection of quality hats. Their Fashion Collection, Classic Collection and the Vintage Collection remains to be popular. Aside from hats, Stetson also provides high quality boots, apparel, eyeware and fragrances. Where to get a great Stetson hat?

Hats are not just a fashion accessory. It can pull together an outfit, create a statement and improve your overall look. From casual to formal evenings, costume and holiday parties, wearing a hat can express your fashion sense and style.


Unknown said...

Merry Christmas sis! Napadaan lang para bumati :)

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Newest follower, hope you will follow me back here@ Step It Up! Happy X'mas :)


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