Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kids Ranked Number One in Class

school kids, school uniform
(my son, my youngest sister and my daughter)

Proud mommy and sister moment.

When my kid's and my sister's 1st Quarter school report card was given, our family felt so happy with the the grades they received. Both my daughter and my youngest sister rank First in class! My son, who's in Kinder 1, also received excellent letter-grade equivalent. I'm amazed that he got perfect exam scores even if we've spent only five to ten minutes review time.

report card
(daughter's report card)
report card
(son's report card)

I'm happy that my kids are passionate about learning. They enjoy going to school everyday. They listen attentively to their and are well-behaved.

They're not pressured and we don't require them to get perfect marks nor high grades. They're not enrolled in any tutorial centers and there are no tutors to assist them. They can play and watch TV after doing their assignments. It's good that their school does not give assignments every Fridays, so they'll get to enjoy their weekends more.

They're not gifted-kids, but they are the best gifts that I have in my life! I'll always be proud of my them!


Unknown said...

I am happy for you sis. Your kids must have gotten their intelligence from you. Go super mom! :D

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