Friday, October 8, 2010

Icebreaker and BuzBox Scrambles, Anyone?

Scrambles! It's the best street food (aside from taho, fish balls and dirty ice cream) that my siblings and I enjoy when we were kids.

I remember how my sister used to wait for "manong iskrambol" and line up with the other kids to buy this pink slush. Wayback, scrambles were topped with browncow, eaten with a wooden stick, plastic spoon or a drinking straw.

Amazing how our favorite pinoy street food got "sosy", but still yummy and affordable!

Scrambles is now the new food craze at food stalls. This pink ice shavings topped wtih chocolate and strawberry syrup is a big hit. I can always see long lines of people, from kids to kids at heart, wanting to grab a cup of this commercialized scramble.

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My youngest sister and I enjoys getting a cup of BuzBox Scrambles at SM Megamall food court and Icebreaker Scrambles at Starmall Edsa. We always opt for plain scrambles without toppings.

buzbox scrambles, scrambles, pinoy street food

BuzBox Scrambles costs Php 10 (small), Php 14 (medium) and Php 17 (large), while Icebreaker Scrambles cost Php 7, Php 10 and Php 17. You can add toppings such as rice crispies, marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles and rainbow sprinkles for an extra twist.

Scrambles is the best cool thrill. It's cheap, it's cool, it's pink and it brings back happy childhood memories!


MariaKristela said...

I havent tried BuzBox Scrambles and Icebreaker Scrambles, only Ice Scramble in SM Pampanga. These look good too. Yummy!

seth said...

My hubby said that Buxbox is much creamier compared to other brands and I agree with him...We love it plain too :-)

Grampy said...

Wish I could have some. It sounds wonderful. I would need some chocolate sprinkles.
Have a good weekend.

w0rkingAth0mE said...

This is very popular in our place, maybe because its not expensive at all.

Madz said...


Unknown said...

Having mentioned Brown Cow. How I miss the old school scramble topped with that...

Lulu said...

hey cza, thanks for joining my giveaway... wish you luck!

Dhemz said...

wow ang mura naman! your little is is pretty....:)

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