Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kzone Freebies For My Kids

Both my kids gets to win freebies from Kzone frequently. I can't count how many times they got to enjoy free items from Kzone - from toys, towels, notebooks, gift certificates, and more. Last month, they got these Moose gear shirts and a Php500 gift certificate from Cerealicious.

For three consecutive months, my daughter had been a Kzone freebie winner, and my son had won twice already. I guess, my kids luck are striking! They have their own winning moments too!

My son loves this magazine since he was 3, even if he can't read yet. Every month, my kids wait for their Kzone magazine to arrive. Of course, even my little sis and my husband enjoys reading this magazine too. And yes, we want more Kzone!


Unknown said...

That's a lot of freebies. I also buy Moose Girl for my daughter. They have cute items.

Karen Chayne said...

Wow! ang galing naman sis! nagmamana na rin sayo pati mga kids mo... keep it up and congrats!

Fe said...

congrats! my kids love kzone, too. my youngest have won a toy truck from them. malayo lang kasi kami from their main office kung saan iki-claim yung price(sa Laguna pa kasi kami) pero my son insisted na i-claim namin yung prize niya.
i also read their copies of kzone =)

David Funk said...

Congrats! The winning runs in the family I must say which is always a good thing! That is great of Kzone to offer freebies like they do, too.

It has been awhile since I visited here. Hope all is well my friend!

rjs mama said...

wow! lucky naman your kids :) pano manalo sa kzone? my son buys the mag every month, i don't read it though

hoping we can exlinks :)
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Unknown said...

@ Mrs. Kolca, affordable pa ang Moose Gear clothes :)

@ Winchester, I read Kzone too! happy naman ang kids kahit small prizes lang :)

@ David Funk, good to hear from you!

@ rjs mama, every month may freebies ang Kzone magazine. just send an email :)

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