Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fashionable Scrub Uniforms

It's pleasant to see doctors and nurses as they exude professionalism in their immaculately clean medical lab coats and nursing uniforms. Before, we can only see green scrubs being worn by operating room nurses and surgeons when they were in the operating room area.

Nowadays, scrub uniforms are becoming in. Three years ago, I remember my mom hiring three stay-out nurse-caregivers to take care of the kids. Everyday, they would wear different scrub uniforms - from simple colored ones to scrubs with cute patterns.

Scrubs have become fashionable and trendy, but it still maintains the professional look that it delivers. Its popularity also continues to soar.

Today, not only health professionals and hospital staffs are wearing these scrub uniforms. It's really refreshing to see those nurses working in the pediatric department wearing scrubs with cartoon characters printed in them. Even receptionists, masseurs, vets, beauticians and dentists are wearing different scrub uniforms. They prefer to wear scrubs for the comfort it delivers.

Just like the traditional medical uniforms, scrubs are valued for its hygienic purposes. There's a variety of trendy scrubs available online for men, women and even for kids who want to play pretend. I've checked-out Blue Sky Store and they have quality scrubs with different colors and designs, plus scrub hats, that you can choose from!


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