Tuesday, January 19, 2010

All These Winnings

I am passionate about receiving freebies and joining contests. Oftentimes I get lucky and sometimes I lose. Year 2009 had been my year of incalculable winning moments- online and offline - from gift certificates, movie and concert passes, food items, books, beauty products, shirts and a whole lot more! Glad that my family, relatives and friends had enjoyed every item and gift certificates I had shared with them. The year ended with Skylah getting a Growee giftpack from MomsToday and Brent winning as KB March Calendar Model.

Navi planner FB-FemaleNetwork

lipstick from Maybelline Philippines

My luck seem to continue and year 2010 came with a Bang! At the start of this year, I've already won all these - a 10K gift certificate from Jancen, BDJ planners, a Navi Planner, a Ninja Assassin gift pack from Clickthecity, a Maybelline lipstick, and a box of Postres del Cielo's gourmet polvoron.. It's like I'm seeing my name all over!

BDJ Planner from Fashionistas By Heart - WMN

BDJ Planner from Spot.ph

Postres del Cielo polvoron from Myfoodtrip

I am more happier knowing that more friends and family members have their own share of winning streaks too. Kzone freebies for Brent and my little sister, a planner for hubby, a lipstick for mama, a Cosmo planner, BDJ and lipstick for my sister Liv.

Kzone freebies
For all these and other winning moments to come, I am really grateful. And I hope that the rain will continue to pour.


Marice said...

congrats sissy :)

David Funk said...

Congrats Czaroma for all those winnings! It looks like 2010 will be another great year for you!

Best wishes my dear friend!

Josie said...

congrats, wishing more freebies to come! :)

nicquee said...


bambie said...

congratulations dear! you sure are one lucky fella.:-)

Badet Siazon said...

Wow, I hope I can brush up on some of your lucky genes. I'm not lucky on raffles and contests.

Unknown said...

wow..ang dami...balato naman jan..lol Congrats..sana mahawa ako sa swerte mo hahaha.

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