Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Adgitize Site Still Down

Adgitize server is still down. So that is the reason why until now, I am unable to access Adgitize. And no matter how many times I refresh my blog page, the Adgitize advertisements on my blog does not appear.

This announcement was posted in the Adgitize.net forum, which is the only accessible web page:
"Just a notice to those who do not know already, the Adgitize server is currently down. We are looking into the problem now and hoping to have it back online soon. We’re sorry for the inconvenience."

"We will make sure everything is taken care of for points and for the advertisers.  Still trying to get this taken care of, really hoping it's back up soon.  Expected it to be running again by now, very frustrating for us as well."

I hope that this Adgitize server issue will be resolve as soon as possible.


bambie said...

so that's why i couldn't see the ads and login to my account yesterday and today. i just hope they resolve it soon and that we get properly compensated.

Grampy said...

It is very frustrating. It makes it harder to do EC drops as well. This is day three. Hope they get it fixed soon.

David Funk said...

This has gone on for two days now, and everyone is getting frustrated with it including those at Adgitize. I agree with Grampy about it making it harder to drop ECs, too. Let's hope it is finally fixed soon.

Have a great week, Czaroma!

cornyman said...

It's fixed... we can do Adgitize again... only the advertisement is not fixed yet... can't renew or edit your ads at the moment!

Unknown said...

@bambie, hopefully they would resolve the lost days.

@grampy, yes it is. good that it is fixed today.

@david, it's really hard when this happens. have a great week too!

@cornyman, that's good news! I can see the ads on my blog already. thanks for the information :)

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