Thursday, December 17, 2009

Got a Heart 2010 Planner Giveaway

I appreciate art as much as I appreciate people involved in worthy causes. Of course, I love planners and I love giveaways. Nowadays, there's a lot of planners to choose from - traditional planners from the bookstores, stylish planners from different establishments, and a lot more.

The blogosphere is not spared from giving away Starbucks and Belle de Jour planners. I haven't joined blog sponsored contests giving away these two planners. 

Taking a peek at Verabear's 2010 Got Heart Planner post made me interested and I never hesitated on joining. The great thing about it is - she's giving away a planner! It's a planner from Got Heart Foundation.

Got Heart Planner features twelve indigenous communities in the Philippines, the paintings of an Obo Manobo, Retchor “Ettok” Umpan, and passages written by young indigenous peoples. Checking their multiply site, I found out that sale proceeds would benefit indigents in the country, specially a T’boli School in Cotabato.

You too can join Verabear's giveaway which runs until Christmas day.


verabear said...

Thank you for joining and posting about this too. :) You know I always thought of posting a BDJ planner giveaway but I knew there were others doing that already, and I didn't even have one to begin with. Hehe. :)

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