Monday, July 13, 2009

I Made a Sale Today

"You must do the thing you think you cannot do."
~Eleanor Roosevelt

It’s Monday, I sold an item and it feels great!

Two weeks ago I decided to post a “For Sale” advertisement in a forum and sell 2 gift certificates. I still have lots of gift certificates with me and I realized that I don't need these gift certificates anymore. I received messages and inquiries, a few made reservations; and today, I made a sale! It's not a huge amount, but this had been a good way to start my week.

I am not really born to be a seller. I would rather buy an item than sell it. I would rather design and conceptualize an advertisement than make a sales talk.

My selling know-how was limited only to the times when my siblings and I assisted my mom in selling items at bazaars (years ago). It is my business-minded mom who has the flair in the world of buy and sell; whether it is selling cars, real estate properties, clothes, and a lot more.

Though, I also had my share of story being a seller myself. Months before I started working at Summit Media, I opened an online store at Multiply selling clothes and a few accessories. It was my sister who had influenced me to sell items online. I was enjoying those days when clients made inquiries and purchase items from me. I had clients all over the Philippines and one client who was from Qatar. I was so thankful for those months that I made money at home, as much as I appreciate all the buyers who trusted me. It was only after being busy working at Summit Media that I could no longer handle my online shop.

Today, I feel good because again I've done something I'm not really good at!


Joyuna said...

Congratulations! I run an Etsy shop, so I know the thrill that comes from making a sale. Luckily I don't have to do too much sales talk, but I do have to advertise and sometimes I do end up negotiating and things like that... which is very hard for me, and it was especially so at first. I had trouble at my first part-time job trying to upsell people to a larger soda! ;) It's hard but I guess it is pretty rewarding. Good job!

Unknown said...

@ joy, thank you. good thing there's online selling and we can lessen the "sales talk"... more power on your Etsy shop!

Grampy said...

Way to go. Such a great feeling isn't it! I use to do the bazaar thing. The one I did was called a craft fair. I use to make Gel Candles.

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