Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Fashionista Recessionista Event: Belle De Jour Rendezvous

belle de jour event
After speculating on where to spend my day, I've decided to attend the Belle de Jour Recessionista Rendezvous at The Ramp Glorietta 4.
I ditch out the Yahoo! Philippines Purple Hunt Finale because I really don't have enough energy for that event.

Sixty lucky girls got the chance to attend this event. Since it's my first BDJ event, I have no idea what the human bingo game is all about. Upon registering, the other attendees swarmed by and ask me to sign their sheets and they'll sign mine too. Very interesting!

belle de jour event
OK! Magazine Editor-in-Chie
f Frances Amper-Sales, shares her knowledge on blogging, earning money online through advertising and online selling, pay to blog sites. I agree, you can learn extra in those fun yet rewarding online sidelines!

Selecta Foods' Brand Manager Jennifer Madrid's talk is really inspiring. She speaks highly of “Creating Your Unique Value at Work"; on knowing what your best at and owning it. Truly commendable.

Freelance stylist Dona Cuna-Pita, shares how to look good even on a tight budget. Her funny antics make everyone in the room laugh, yet learn at the same time. She shares i
deas on DIY clothing, and swapping with friends. It's either you scrimp or splurge; but you can look the part even in the recession!

belle de jour event
Another good thing about this event is the goodies and prizes. Everyone wins a raffle prize! I won a GC for Hair Protein treatment from Azta Salon and a CMG hand mirror for answering a question. Coincidentally, my seatmates Rowena and Ria, also won the same Azta Salon GC! I brought home these goodies from Flojos, Havaianas, Jellybean, Penshoppe, Azta Salon, Garnier, White Hat, Heaven and Eggs and Iora.

Again, I failed to bring my camera. I have to settle with my camera phone and grabbed some pictures from Ria, my seatmate. Thanks for the pictures.

belle de jour event
For someone who loves Belle de Jour but doesn't own a Belle de Jour planner, being part of this event is worth an experience. The tips and the people you meet makes this day an enjoyable one. The Belle De Jour Rendezvous is truly fabulous, enlightening and fun all throughout!

Is my decision to attend this worth it? Definitely!


Admin T.H said...

OMG I am so jealous

Unknown said...

cool prizes.. nice event!

Unknown said...

T.H and U.Pink, really fab event! you can join sa next event :)

onlinewriter said...

Wow!how do you get to be so abreast of these types of events?buti ka pa,you have a life.i'm confined to my home-school-work-school-home routine,lol!

Unknown said...

@ online writer, take some time off... ako kahit one-a-month lang. If I have much energy, gusto ko nga every weekend may event kami ng mga kids ko, we've tried that kaso sobrang nakakapagod!

this keeps me sane! hehehe

Nishant said...

your blog color combination is too good......

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