Sunday, May 31, 2009

Red Ribbon Cookies & Cream Moment

Red Ribbon has always been a part of our family, not just on every meaningful life celebrations but also on countless ordinary life moments.

One Saturday morning, we all went to the clinic of our kid’s pediatrician. I knew my kids are striving to be really brave, just holding on to our hands but not clinging too tightly. They knew how important their health is and why they are being vaccinated.

My daughter, Skylah, and my son, Brent, received their vaccine shots after a few minutes of casual talk and check-up with their beloved pediatrician. One shout and two cries was all we heard. There were no more
dramas afterwards; and this is just a small proof of how my kids are growing up.

Still, even without tears, I could somehow feel the slight pain that they had experienced. Who would ever feel happy after receiving a vaccination?! Leaving their pediatrician’s clinic with grumbling stomachs, the kids uttered and requested for food. Seeing a nearby Red Ribbon take-out counter, I knew right then that grabbing a bite of pastry is a good idea to satisfy an urgent need. Skylah saw the new Red Ribbon poster with the newest cake - Cookies & Cream Cake with Oreo! She instantly felt delighted seeing the small Oreo cookies on top of the cake, instantly looking at the cake display, pointing and requesting me to buy the junior
size cake. Since we’re off to finding a place where we could have our lunch, we settled for two slices that we can share while waiting for our food. This would be our dessert-comes-first moment!

We stopped at the nearest food chain; and while my husband and I were deciding on what we would have for lunch, the kids instantly opened their take-out cake. Skylah seize this moment and hurriedly took her Oreo cookie with her fingers! Brent followed suit scooping the chocolate layers. There was no opportunity left for me to take a good picture of the cake slices. Still, it had been good enough that these two slices of cake had let them forget their pain; and it didn’t even suppress their appetite!

Being a cake-a-holic and cookies & cream ice cream lover, I couldn’t resist taking a bite as well! It was indeed a heavenly delight… a cake that is perfect for my taste! My kids agrees that this multi-layered wonder of vanilla and chocolate chiffon, chocolate cookies, and creamy cookies-and-cream filling, topped with our favorite Oreo cookies is truly delightful!

I was thankful for the feel-good comfort that comes with eating a slice of Red Ribbon’s Cookies & Cream Cake; on how it magically soothe my kids' pain and how it had made their day brighter!

Together with this new product from Red Ribbon is a video that portrays the love of a mom for her kids. Yes, Red Ribbon will always be part of our family and my journey as a mom becomes more serene and meaningful knowing that there’s a cake that works surprisingly!


Anonymous said...

Red Ribbon Cakes are yummy. I craved for macapuno and ube...nakakagutom naman eto. But Red Ribbon Bakeshop that is nearest from my home is about 2 hrs. away in New Jersey.

Anyway, thanks for the compliment and leaving a comment on my blog.

Unknown said...

@ilovehateamerica, I agree! kahit slice ng red ribbon cake talagang nakakagutom. 2 hrs is a long drive... hopefully there'll be a Red Ribbon bakeshop near your home soon :)

thanks for taking time to drop on my blog too!

Animetric said...

Congrats for winning 2nd place in the contest!

Unknown said...

@sis rowena, wow I won! thanks so much for informing me! that's my first at letsgosago :)

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