Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We Love Birthday Parties

children birthday party invitation prizes party themes
My kids enjoyed the birthday party we attended at the North Greenhills Clubhouse last September 13. They got to take part in the party games, bring home lots of prizes and party favors. They were also fascinated at watching the magician, the jugglers and the party performers.

It is the first birthday party of Chanel. She is the granddaughter of the Preschool Directress - who is also the owner of the school where my kids are studying. Party invitations were given to selected kids from the preschool. I have no idea how many got the invites, though we were the only ones from the preschool who attended.

children birthday party theme favors
Chanel had a circus party theme. All the party decorations and preparations were handled by her grannies. There were food carts that served pizza, french fries, hotdog, popcorn, cotton candy and ice cream.

It is a children's party, though only a few kids were there! Most of the guests are relatives and friends of the celebrant's parents. Like what the party host said, "this birthday party is also for their parents..."

This is a party where my kids had much fun. Maybe it is because they got to pick whatever prize they want and they got to took home lots of prizes! They even kept on saying, "Happy Birthday Chanellllll" on the way home.

children birthday party invitations prizes