Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Family Affair at SIS Dampa

Mealtimes are always enjoyable when spent with family members. My family loves and enjoys eating. We frequent SIS Restaurant at Dampa (Seaside Paluto Restaurants) Macapagal Avenue, Roxas Boulevard even if there are no occasions to celebrate. Buttered garlic shrimps, tempura and bouillabaisse are the family’s preferred dish. My kids love the creamy bouillabaisse soup, a seasoned stew compose of several kinds of seafood and shellfish.

"Dampa" is a Filipino word which means hut. The "dampa" concept is where you can buy ingredients from the market near the rows of restaurants and have it cooked your way at the restaurant of your choice; or you can have the option of just letting the people in the restaurant do the food-marketing for you. We always prefer to order a la carte. Getting the freshest seafood is the best thing about eating at Dampa.

August 31 and September 5 had been an enjoyable family affair. My family and relatives spent these dates dining at SIS Restaurant for the birthday celebration of my two tito’s (uncles). This has also been a get-together for my tita who is working abroad and my tito’s family who lives in the States. For these celebrations, both the buttered garlic shrimps and tempura are on our menu. Pancit, fried chicken, spicy crab, tuna belly, chopsuey, halaan soup, and calamares filled our appetite. It was a truly sumptuous dinner!

dampa restaurant Seaside macapagaldampa restaurant Seaside macapagal


online writer said...

I've always wanted to dine here but it's quite far from our place. The closest branch to us is the one near Libis. One of these days,I'm gonna take my family there.Looks like you had a blast.Happy family!

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