Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kids Crooked Houses

I love kid's playhouses. Looking at these crooked houses keeps me young at heart. How fun it would be to enjoy playtime and create wonderful childhood memories at these little houses.

crooked playhousesPhoto Source: http://www.kidscrookedhouse.com

These crooked playhouses are creative wooden playhouses for kids. It can be customized to fit the interest of a child.

Price check. A single playhouse starts from $1,249.00 and a double deluxe costs $4,449.00. Quite pricey!

These kids crooked houses are becoming more popular for it had been recently part of the show, John and Kate plus 8. It is showcased as a part of the episode where they created four "crooked houses" for the 8 adorable kids; the episode where John and Kate announced their divorce. It's like showing the parodies that lies within the Gosselin family! I am not a fan of this popular reality show. But, it is just sad to hear about a marriage that leads into a downfall and would affect their whole family.

Learnings. Life is more than living in a beautiful house or creating impressive ones for people to see. It is more important to create a happy and peaceful home worth living for the whole family.


Karen said...

The Crooked Play Houses are so adorable, oh what fun a child and his imagination could have in one of these this summer. Indeed, a bit pricey, but the memories could be priceless as the Mastercard ad says.

Karen of Baby's Own Room

manik_reigun said...

cute houses! i wish i had one as a kid. ^_^

Whiney Momma said...

Oh my goodness, these are so adorable!

Golden said...

Those crooked houses are so cute! But they're so expensive. I might as well have Hubby create a simple one for our daughter. ^_^

verabear said...

Really really cute, I want one for myself!

czaroma said...

@ karen, yes memories will always be priceless :)

@ manik, same here... wishing like a child :)

@ whiney momma, truly adorable houses :)

@ golden, they are really cute... and your daughter would definitely enjoy her own playhouse made by your hubby :)

@ verabear, have fun in the playhouse :)

ilovehateamerica said...

When I was a kid , I loved playhouses and played "pretend"---but we made our own because we were so poor.
These kid playhouses are so cute yet they're so expensive. I might never buy anything like this if I have a child....can't afford it ...heheehe!

Dorothy L said...

Very cool.I want one for myself :)....but a bit pricey for a children s playhouse!

czaroma said...

@ ilovehateamerica, it's so fun playing "pretend" and just make use of what you have. It pays just to let our creativity & imagination run for something that we can't really afford... hehe :)

@ dorothy, seeing these playhouses brings out the innner child in us :)

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