Monday, June 22, 2009

Prizes from Blog Sponsored Contests

At last, I have claimed yesterday the prizes I’ve won from blog sponsored contests.

First stop was at Geisler Maclang’s office at Makati City where I picked up my lifesize Havaianas flipfloats. The prize is from a blog contest of Byahilo’s where you would answer the question “What can you do with the Havaianas Flipfloats, or a creative way on how you can use this cutesy inflatable raft”. Luckily my answer was chosen as the best amongst the 46 responses. Here's my simple, winning answer -

czaroma winning answer
Next stop was at Red Ribbon Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong Branch. It’s where I’ve claimed the Red Ribbon gift certificate worth Php 1000 from a contest sponsored by LetsGoSago. It’s a contest where my blog post won second place.

It’s my first win at both blog sponsored contests and I am happy with these prizes I've got.
Thank you so much. The Havaianas flipfloats is not inflated yet (see how it looks like at Byahilo's blog); and we are really excited to use this in the pool. I just don’t know when.

havaianas flipfloats red ribbon


maggie said...

congrats on winning two contest in a row and they both offered a nice prize.

online writer said...

that's fantastic, lucky you! i'm crazy over red ribbon,i frequent their stores. havaianas? i like it but i haven't bought a single pair hehe.

czaroma said...

@ maggie, thank you. I love both prizes!

@ online writer, that's really great. I haven't bought my own Havaianas pair also, but I got one for free from a previous event :)

Golden said...

Wow! Congrats!

czaroma said...

@ golden, thanks :)

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