Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Start of Another School Year

More schools have suspended their classes in the Philippines because of the A(H1N1) flu affected students . It's also the second day that classes in Metro Manila are suspended because of typhoon Feria.

It was just last week that my kid's started going to school, and now they already have 2 days off. Good thing, it is just because of the typhoon.

As a mom, I always make sure that I share in every milestone and moments of my kids; and enjoy every day while they are still young. I accompanied them on their first day and my hubby was also with me on their second day. Simply being there on their first days brings them so much joy. My daughter Skylah, who's already in Kinder 2 is already enjoying her class. My son Brent who's attending Nursery class keeps on urging me to be with him at school. He keeps on saying, "I have new classmates!" It is because almost every student in the preschool is new. I think I have only seen less than 10 students from the previous school year. I guess some have transferred in big schools, in other nearby preschools, in public schools and one of Skylah's classmate had already migrated in the U.S. with his family.

scrapbook first school day
These are just 5 simple first week moments worth remembering:

1. Brent only cried because he was alone in the room, whereas some of the kids have their mommies and yaya's beside them.
Skylah has 2 new school subjects - Sibika and Language.
The kids showing me the stars that they receive and book activities with a stamped word, "Very Good!"
Friday school party. A classmate celebrating her birthday.
5. Brent has grown up; unlike before where he is the smallest in class.


Mary said...

First day of school can be exciting!
You've been awarded the "Best Blog Award" and the "A Lovely Blog Award". Please stop by my blog to claim it.

conversationswithmoms said...

I'm a little nervous about how I'm going to handle my sons' first day of school. I might have a problem letting them go. LOL.

czaroma said...

@ mary, yes it really is exciting not just for the kids but for most parents too! WOW thanks for the award :)

@ conversationswithmom, yes somehow I too felt worried leaving them in the room. I find myself checking them from the school window... first school day jitters :)

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