Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentine's Love Delight, the Mister Donut Way

When lovers go on dates amidst the crowd and traffic.
When roses, chocolates, teddy bears and love messages filled the air.
When people get mushy, and couples wear red.
When little kids get creative with their handmade cards filled with hearts and cute handwritings.

Ohhh, these are just some Heart's Day moments that creates such timeless memories! It proves that LOVE is the most beautiful feeling in the world.

All those kilig-factor, though sometimes corny for some or commercialized for some reason, still puts spice and dashes of sweetness on everyone's lives. After all, what's not to love about LOVE? When the one of the best thing in life is to love and give the best love that you can give! And, I LOVE being in love!

Valentine’s Day isn't just for couples; it's for everyone, young and old alike. So this Valentine’s Day, I will let LOVE rule and conquer my world. It's the most romantic day of the year!

Through many occasions and in those just-because we-love-to-eat-donuts-day, Mister Donut had been our sweetest companion. Knowing about the newest offerings of Mister Donut (read my recent post about it here) makes me inspired to celebrate the Love Month in the sweetest way possible... in the best way I knew how.

Since I'm passionate about giving gifts with personalized touch, I'm creatively making these surprise treats for everyone in my family. The love of my family makes life sweeter and more meaningful. Yes, ALL of them are my Valentine!

For My Kids

These Belgian Bites ice cream will surely bring wonder and appreciation in my kids’ eyes. I can't wait to see the twinkle in their eyes and that happy smile as they get to receive these Valentines treats from me.

Now, they can enjoy their chocolate-coated ice cream in a cone that doesn't melt.

Since they also love celebrating Valentine’s Day, I know they'll surely ask me to help them make more of these so they can share it with their classmates and teachers.

Belgian Bites ice cream cone

For My Sisters

These Belgian Bites necklace and lollipop would be perfect for them. It's a sweet way of letting them know how I treasure them and how they make my life sweeter in their simple, little ways.

Belgian Bites necklace and Bavarian Doubles lollipop

For Mama and Papa

These wonderful people in my life fill our family with love, good food and interesting knowledge. To start their day right, a cup filled with their favorite coffee and tea, covered with Bavarian Doubles donut would be the best gift for them. It will surely keep their donuts warm as they prepare for work or as they watch a movie at home together. Belgian bites with coffee and tea makes a perfect pair. You've really got to try this one!

Bavarian Doubles coffee/tea cup cover with Belgian Bites on the side

For Dear Husband-

For the man in my life who completes me in the remarkable way he knew how!

For waking up earlier than I am, to prepare our breakfast, I'll give him a Bavarian Doubles donut clock set at 3:00 a.m. (that early, so he won't get late for work). It's my simple way of letting him know how much I appreciate all his daily efforts... and my way of showing him how I value every single minute, hour, days and years we had spent and will continue to spend together.

Bavarian Doubles Clock

Of course, to complete the day, I'll make him a Belgian Bites dessert plate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's a plate full of Belgian Bites that signifies the words I LOVE YOU. Words so deep, yet meaningful. I'll let these sweet treats from Mister Donut speaks for itself.

His Valentine's Day will truly be a day filled with much love and sweetness!

Letter I - Belgian Bites breakfast

Letter L - Belgian Bites lunch dessert
Letter U - Belgian Bites dinner dessert

All these pieces of heaven are from Mister Donut. Both the Bavarian Doubles and Belgian Bites Valentine Gift Set from Mister Donut gets a thumbs up from me. These treats surely give smiles to our faces and tummies and brings warmth to our hearts. Not only are these delicious and affordable, it's very Heart-y as well! See, how very appropriate it is for Valentine's Day!

Definitely, these sweet treats will give my family pure heavenly bliss in a bite.
Seeing their happiness doubles the joy that I will feel my heart.

Well, the red tin can and bear that comes with the Belgian Bites Valentine Gift Set is mine to keep. It will remind me how Mister Donut spreads love and sweetness, and how it made our heart smile this Valentine's Day. It will also make me remember that Valentine's Day will always be worth celebrating with the people you loved most.

So, how will you spend Valentine's Day? Share your thoughts and remember, it's the togetherness and letting them know that they are special matters most.

Now, better head over to your favorite Mister Donut shops or kiosks and create your very own Valentine’s Day masterpiece.

Hope these ideas will also keep you LOVE-inspired!


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