Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Back to Normal

I had been very busy as soon as year 2013 started.
We spent weeks packing our things for the big move.
We spent days reviewing for mi kid's quarterly exams and preparing for their school activities.
Days when it seems that the hours we had was never enough.
Stress. Busy. Challenges. Worries.
There had been a couple of things and work that I had failed to do.
Still, I remain to be thankful for what life had given me and my family.
Life had remained to be great.
Our family had been blessed more.
The greatest blessing is celebrating our son's 7th birthday.
A celebration which turned out to as simply the best.
His simple birthday wish was granted... and I saw more than happiness in his eyes!
Soon, hopefully in days time, things will get back to normal.
I know it would be. 


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