Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wedding Plans

Weeks back, someone asked me for help in their wedding vows. It initially got me excited. Being a romantic-at-heart, writing love letters and poems is something that I used to enjoy. Yet, I never found myself writing a wedding vow for someone. Things got easier when I learned about the brief details about their love story.

I started writing and finished the personalized wedding vow in just a few hours. I can't believe that I've written more than 500-words just for it. It proves one thing - my mind and my heart is still overflowing with sweetness. When I handed the document over, I received a reply that the wedding vow I've written is really heart-warming, sweet and full of love. I still felt great knowing that my work would be part of their special day. I know that their wedding would be perfect.

Everyone wants to have a perfect wedding. If you're planning to get married soon, make sure you prepare a wedding checklist. It includes all the details that you need in your wedding - from the ceremony, the reception, the suppliers and even their guests.

You should also consider including wedding reply cards in your invitation. In this way, guests can send a quick reply aside from the usual RSVP number. Choose a creative theme that fits your wedding theme. These reply cards make you organized your guest list and it serves as a good keepsake as well. Moreover, you should not forget appreciating your wedding guests, people who send you well-wishes and everyone who witnessed your wedding ceremony.

Planning for a wedding is really exciting yet daunting. Making use of a wedding checklist is one key that would help your big day very happy and special. It keeps everything organized and prevents you from forgetting anything. 


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