Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bring Home Walls and Rooms to Life

"Home is your corner of the world"

I am reminded of this quote from by Ilse Crawford, the design-guru powerhouse behind Studioilse. It's true that changes in layout, shape and colour can make our home a happier place. Our home is our own corner where we can relax, create, dream, entertain, rest, laugh, love and have fun!

Decorating and renovating house is both enjoyable and perplexing. Sometimes, even choosing home decors to be installed in living rooms and bedrooms as well as kitchens and bathrooms that go well with the rest of the furniture can be challenging as well. The variety of home decors available in the market makes it even harder to decide which ones to purchase.

We usually decorate our rooms with traditional framed photos and wall art frames. These art and photo pieces can instantly make over the rooms in our homes. It creates an upscale look that simply reflects the way we want it to be.

There are lots of affordable art pieces that can bring our walls to life. If I were to choose a design, it would be a contemporary and modern wall panel art. Nature and abstract wall arts often interest me. Since, our white wall space takes up so much visual space, I can furnish it with wall decors. We can try smaller wall art pieces around a larger frame for it creates a powerful visual impact.

I've seen this exceptional panel art that can bring a dramatic effect. It's an ideal wall art for bachelor pads, office rooms, chess fanatics and billiard rooms. It's very attractive and eye-catching. It can give the wall space a sophisticated wow factor. Maybe one of my kids or nephews would get to purchase a similar Game of Chess panel art when they get older. This wall panel makes a great gift too!