Thursday, April 12, 2012

On Parenting Tips and Advices

One of the best things that happened to me is being a mom. It makes every day very fulfilling, challenging and exciting at the same time.

Being a mom was never easy. I have been thankful that my hubby and everyone in my family had been very supportive. Even until now, I got the support and encouragement that I need from them. More than that, they celebrate with me my kids' achievements. To say that they are the wind beneath my wings is an understatement.

Aside from that, I also find myself reading parenting magazines and turning to the Internet for more parenting tips and information. In the parenting websites, I find ways that helped me in taking care of my kids. With so much technology, mom forums can be a life saver too. There are some online community forums where dads take time to interact with fellow parents. I find that act very admirable.

Logging into an online mom forum is worth spending time to. These forums are filled with different moms who from all over are enjoying their roles as mothers. There are different situations that I can somehow relate to and I find many questions answered or have already been asked by other people before. There I learned more ticks and tricks on putting my baby sleep to sleep, the best baby products that is good from their skin and even the importance of baby music and baby books; and a lot more. I found pregnancy, newborn, toddler and even working mom topics very beneficial.

As my kids grow, I remember checking these forums when searching for a good preschool around the neighborhood and finding out Halloween events, Easter egg hunting activities or summer programs that my kids can attend.

It's great to check out parenting forums from time to time and interact with fellow parents. More than that, these mom forums also makes me remember that as I give time to care and protect my family, I must not forget to provide time for myself too. In allows me to realize the importance of those "me-time-moments" in making sure that I fulfill my mommy duties to the fullest and be a better mom to my kids.


akon Satar said...

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Greg Chua said...

First of all I want to congratulate with your post. Anyway, this article is great and it is nice to know all of this for our child and to be a good parent also towards them. I will refer this to my parent also. Thanks for sharing thisparenting tips and advice. I really appreciate what you did on your blog.

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