Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Turning 6, a School Birthday Celebration

My youngest turned 6!

We had a simple celebration at school on his exact birth date which falls on a Friday.


This time, he wanted an Angry Birds cake. I ordered cakes and mini cakes from Iko's Bakeshop. Their cake is good enough, delicious and moist with the right sweetness. I prefer it since it's very affordable. The place is near their school and we can easily pick it up.

cake and cupcakes
I just created DIY cupcake toppers with Angry Birds characters and a couple of his favorite Ben 10 alien characters. Everyone got excited upon seeing the cake and mini cupcakes as soon as we entered their classroom. Mini cupcakes would always be a good choice for kids for they can easily eat it up.

For simple celebrations, I remain to be a certified Iko's client.
8" choco moist cake + 32 mini cupcakes = P 1,075 (very affordable)

Iko's Breads and Cakes
C.Raymundo Ave., Pasig City

+ Food

We ordered food from Jollibee, but served Refresh juice drinks instead. Jollibee One Mercedes Plaza branch, delivers on time. There were paper bags (which I requested) so the kids can bring home their leftovers. There are no plastic food containers (except for the gravy containers) and plastic bags since these are already banned in Pasig City.

+ Loots

My son's party loots contain chocolates, candies and Angry bird items (an eraser, sticker and a slap bracelet). I just placed personalized stickers on top of the microwavable plastic container. Kids really have simple joys and they appreciate all these!

+ Gifts

This simple celebration made my son really happy! He's thankful for the gifts he got from his classmates and from his family members as well.

gifts from classmates
Ben 10 alien Wildmutt
more Ben 10 alien gifts! :)

We thank God for this day and another precious year for my son!



Cee S. said...

Happy Birthday to your son! Looks like he had so much fun.

Anne @ Green Eggs and Moms said...

I love the cake and the cupcakes. Will check out Iko's store soon!

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