Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Barbie Doll Becomes Celebrity For a Day (or Two)

diy-halloween-costume, barbie-doll-costume
Skylah as Barbie doll

My daughter is Barbie Doll during the Halloween!

She enjoyed being a Barbie doll since Barbie dolls are among her favorite toys. She won't mind receiving Barbie dolls as gifts and she still plans to buy and keeps on wishing to have more. I lost count how many Barbie dolls she already have (maybe more than 20).

October had been a busy month for my kids. There's weekend ballet practice and recital dress rehearsals, quarterly school exams and United Nations programs practice, plus family trips and activities! That left us with no time to think about and prepare for their Halloween costume. We didn't even have plans to join mall Trick or Treats!

Five days before their school Halloween party, we started to think what they'll going to wear, and borrowed a horse's back (from my husband's cousin) so my son Brent can be Centaur! (I'll be posting about his costume too)

An idea came to mind! Since my daughter Skylah would just wear her ballet tutu, I thought of dressing her up as Barbie Doll!

We made a pink Barbie box, cut some holes, fastened garters at the back so she can carry the box at her back, printed the Barbie words and Mattel logo, and of course, her picture!

diy-barbie-box-halloween, costumes
Barbie box

School Halloween Party

From the moment our Barbie Doll stepped out of the car and walk on school grounds, we've already heard several students saying, "that's cute," "wow it's Barbie!"... which continued until she reached her classroom. Her teachers and classmates loved her Barbie costume too!

Our Barbie Doll was well applauded when she get on stage. She even won as The Most Funniest Costume (for Grades 1-3 division)!


Funniest Costume Finalists (Grades 1-3)

Several students also took pictures with her!


When she came back, she told me, "mommy ang daming nagpicture sa 'kin!" That's how happy she was!

RFR Halloween Party and Trick or Treat

It was a Saturday and after ballet practice, we joined RFR's Halloween Party and Trick or Treat again since the kids really enjoyed going door-to-doors to ask for treats!

Again, my daughter was dressed-up as Barbie Doll!

I can't believe that village residences also took pictures of her. They were really delighted to see a walking Barbie doll!

Pictures while on parade.


More pictures inside the clubhouse.




Our Barbie Doll happily smiled for them.


Best thing is, she won Best in Costume for girls category!

Best in Costume Finalists (Girls)

my prize :)

Mums and Tubs Club Halloween Cutie Contest

Recently, her picture also won at Mums and Tubs Club contest in Facebook. Good enough that it's not a liking contest.


If only I had anticipated that our Barbie Doll in her DIY Barbie doll would be well received, we would have joined in Trick or Treat and Halloween parties in the malls and hotels. Well, but that would be too tiresome and it might ruin the purpose of enjoying the event.

I'm glad that my daughter had been at her happiest!


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