Thursday, August 11, 2011

Learning Mandarin Chinese

Ni hao!
This is the first Chinese word that my kids learned.

Then they learned to count from one to ten.
yi èr san sì wu lìu qi ba jiu shí

And the words are followed by greetings, polite expressions and more!

This school year, my kids have weekly Mandarin Chinese classes. My daughter, who's in Grade 2, will have Mandarin exams next week. Since I can't assist my daughter in reviewing for her Mandarin exam, I'll just remind her to go over her notes and practice writing the basic words.

In their school, Mandarin is already part of the curriculum, but the good thing is, it's not part of their grading system. At least, they'll get to learn and understand the language without feeling pressured. 

My kids are enjoying their Mandarin classes. They’re even practicing at home the words that they’ve learned and sharing it with me!

I know that learning the Chinese language can enrich their academic experience and enhance their cognitive development. It allows them to appreciate the multicultural world that we live in. 

Hopefully they'll be able to converse well in Chinese or perhaps write Chinese letters in years’ time. Maybe they'll be able to use the language when they get to work with Chinese businessmen or visit China in the future. 


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