Monday, August 15, 2011

Buying Shoes on Sale

Last week was SM Megamall's Shoes and Bags Sale. Yes, we didn't miss this one!

My kids enjoy shopping for shoes since they wear shoes every day. They wear black school shoes twice a week, PE rubber shoes twice a week also, and any casual shoes on Friday and weekends.

It is always preferable to buy shoes in the late afternoon but we drop by in the morning so we can shop better, avoid the crowd and the long lines at the cashier. We usually tag the kids along so they can choose the pairs that they really want. 

Even though their shoes don't last for more than a year since they usually outgrow their shoes, it is still very important to choose the right ones.We picked a size with enough space of at least three-fourth inch allowance. 

When buying shoes for kids, we always buy ones that are light-weight and flexible to ensure that their comfortable with what they're wearing. 

Buying shoes on sale can be great too. Since it's on sale, we need to triple check the items and ask for newer stocks. Sometimes there are really stocks that are still in their storage. 

Disney, Pitterpat and Hardy Togs from Php 399 - Php 400

Elle shoes at Php 399

Not all items on sale are great finds, but my kids are happy with what they've bought!

Since we only have less than two hours to finish shopping, my hubby and I didn't get our pairs. Well, maybe some other time.


Mrs. Kolca said...

Hey, which one is for you? I was also able to score a pair during the first day of sale. I love it! :)

melandria said...

wow, really nice shoes and very affordable too. Visiting here, it's been a while sis.

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