Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kid's Never-Ending Wish List

The start of August feels like Christmas for my kids. As an early rewards, they already get to receive items from their never-ending wish list.

My Mama bought these toys for my kids during her last business trip to Singapore. My kids have been wishing, praying and talking about these things for more than months!

My son is thrilled with his red Sony PSP Slim and Transformer toys.

My daughter is happy with her Baby Alive doll and Barbie "I Can Be" a dentist doll. 

I'm keeping these toys for a while since they'll be reviewing for their exams this week.

Thanks Ma for these and a lot more! :)


Rovie said...

congrats kids! you are so blessed to have such a generous grandma...

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thanks much!

Hopeful said...

Wow wish fulfilled! How nice. This reminds me of my kids, and dami ding request. lol!

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