Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Family Meals at Its Finest


I'd rather enjoy eating healthy foods than spend years going on a diet. Casual or fine dining eat-all-you-can buffet never fails to satisfy my hearty appetite and please my palate to the fullest.  

Still, nothing beats sharing a meal with my family and spending time together at the dinner table. Everyone sitting around the table, eating our favorite food and sharing stories with another makes the best food experience!

It is like experiencing the best buffet in town and the world's finest food everyday!

There's more to food than just eating and satisfying our stomach, for me and my family, every meal time is a nourishment of the soul. They make the food more scrumptious, the dessert more sweeter, and keeps me fully satisfied. 

Enjoying each other's company over crepes and frappucino.


Weekend merienda moments over pancit and cake.


And of course, simple family celebrations or just-because-we-love-to-eat-day with our all-time favorite food - pizza and pasta!




Our family mealtime no matter how simple it is continue to build pleasant family memories. It fosters warmth, security and love. It's a unifying experience for us all, as well as continue traditions and memories that can truly last a lifetime.

Even if its just a simple meal, a recycled food from yesterday's menu, a take-out dish or a street-food. Every food becomes a heavenly blessing when shared with loved ones!  

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Marie said...

Great post...
Eating is best when you're with the people you love...

Sie said...

wow and Ms.Czaroma..eating food with your family makes the food more delicious..

God bless you and your family po..happy bonding moments :)

anney said...

Kahit konti lang ang pagkain basta salo salo ang pamilya e masaya! Goodluck sayo sa contest na to!

Cheryl M. said...

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because the entire family gets together - Aunts, Uncles, Cousins...and we all sit down to a wonderful, home-cooked meal!

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