Friday, August 5, 2011

Nokia E72 Wraps Up My July Month

Our July month was filled with lots of celebrations - from celebrating family birthdays, welcoming my nephew in the Christian world to attending kiddie parties, and a lot more! All these occasions means choosing and buying gifts that they would appreciate.

In this eventful-July month, I too celebrated it with a new cellphone - a Nokia E72 in Topaz brown.

What I initially like most about it?
  • -Its slim, classy, distinctive look with bright-chrome accents around the edges.
  • -The full QWERTY keyboard with the Optical Navi Key
  • -The Ovi Maps where I can locate nearby restaurants and other interesting landmarks
  • -Its Quick Office application where I can read and edit documents anywhere
  • -Of course, getting to access the Internet quickly when I need to
  • -Its 5MP digital camera, GPRS navigation, email functionality, among others!
Geez! I haven't bought a Nokia phone in years! There are really a lot of cellphones to choose from. I’ve been wanting either an HTC or Samsung phone, but I still can't go with the whole touchscreen-train and this conservative business handset fits our budget and suits me best.

This Nokia E72 phone is July-month's gift for me. It's just good enough for my work and personal communication needs.


Mrs. Kolca said...

How much did you pay for your phone sis? Looks functional eh. I am also planning to get a new phone. Hihi.

reyapot said...

nice one sis.. ako din i'll be getting my new phone from my telco provider.. free sya, i availed of the retention promo..

czaroma said...

@jingkee, kayang-kaya ng budget mo yan :)

@reyapot, buti may mga retention promos.. at least nakasave ka rin :)

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