Sunday, May 22, 2011

OMF Lit’s R.O.B Us Forty-fied Sale

Here's a great news especially for all book lovers, book worms and book enthusiast!

OMF Literature’s R.O.B Us (Raid Our Bookshop: Ultimate Sale) Forty-fied is still ongoing! You'll get 40% off on over 200 titles, 30% off on all OMF Lit titles plus other in-store surprises. 

If you're looking for good books to read, take advantage of this promo and be part of this ultimate madness. Raid your favorite OMF Lit Bookshops and stock up on good books!

Click here for the list of Local and Republished Titles at 40% off.
Click here for the list of Imported Titles on sale.

I find myself interested in these books while browsing their list.

A Woman After God's Own Heart
"Be an excellent woman for God! Find hope, help, and joy as you embrace the exciting life God has planned for you!"
Now: Php 135

God Allows U-Turns for Women
A collection of stories from real women encourages you in the face of difficult relationships, financial battles, serious illness or the death of a loved one. 
P225 Now: Php 135

The Grand Weaver
A book on how God shapes us through the events of our lives.
P250 Now: Php 150

Getting Through the Tough Stuff
A book of encouragement, hope and freedom. It's an invitation to meet Christ at the crossroads of our lives and move beyond the tough times.
P590 Now: Php 354

OMF Lit Bookshop is the great source of Christian books, life-transforming books and a wide selection of other local and imported titles. Even my kids still enjoy reading these 'Hiyas' children's book that we got years ago.
Some children's books are on sale too.

 OMF Lit’s R.O.B Us Forty-fied Sale is until May 31, 2011.


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