Monday, May 3, 2010

On Facebook Contests and Friend Requests

I love Facebook, but I'm not addicted. Months ago, I used to play FB games, but not anymore. There are even days when I won't login into my Facebook account. Nowadays, I'm grateful if I have 30-minutes or an hour to spent to keep in touch, update my status and be updated with my friend's.

Just how many FB friends do I have now? Over 400. My list comprises of my family, relatives, former colleagues, mommy friends, online friends, acquaintances, former schoolmates... and probably less than 10% remains uncategorized. I'm already starting to organize and create a Friend List. 

On Friend Requests.

Everytime I get to login on my account, I check each friend request. Until now, I still have 21 friend request pending in my queue! I just want to ignore each one even if we have mutual friends. I don't just accept friend request from people. I'd rather keep my list than worry in the end. Security, privacy and preventing identity theft is also important. I just don't get it why these people whom I don't know would add me on their list. Is it because they want to be friends (but there's no attached message). Is it because I'm friends with their friends and we have lots of mutual friends? Or simply because they want the numbers in their account to keep on growing???

I instantly confirm requests from people I really knew, but not for the others where I have no idea who they are. I guess it would be more appropriate that they would send me a message together with that request.

I am always open to making new friends, but not on the idea of meaningless friendship, and not just about the add-me-I-know-you friends.

On Joining Contests.

Contest and promos are also rampant on Facebook. Everyday, there seems to be a new contest - tag your friends, like this-and-that, comment and win, post this on your profile and tag your friends, most number of likes win, and a lot more! I've joined a couple of this and won only few. At Facebook, it is anyone's ball game.

Still, I choose what contest to join. I've been tempted to join contests wherein you will have to change your profile picture and use their's. This is something I would never be part of. I might be a fan, but I am not representing their company or their product. I value myself and my profile picture more than winning. I won't change mine's just to try my luck and get chances. 

Facebook brings countless benefits and enjoyment. Still, it is just right that I continue to uphold my values and my preferences.

Czaroma Roman

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怡妹 said...

thx rfor you sharing~~learn it by heart ........................................

志平 said...

Very good stories~~ Thanks for ur sharing~~!! ........................................

俊琴 said...
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Brenda said...

I totally agree with everything you said! I used to play the games too, but they took too much time. I also don't just accept everyone as a friend, nor do I join all the contests. It's nice to know I'm not the only one out there who upholds my values.

hitsandmrs said...

i agree with you, especially with regards to friend requests. like you, i don't immediately accept requests from people i don't really know. i've never tried playing on facebook, though, that's why i really don't get why my sister is so addicted to farmville, cafe world and mafia wars.

David Funk said...

Hi Czaroma!

I am glad to be one of your friends on there, and I agree with what you said about requests, too. If I don't you, I don't accept them. It's already bad enough that viruses from videos and other links are on there too much as it is.

I don't play games on there for much of the same reason. I spend my time doing other things on there, but that isn't to say I have a problem with those that do play them.

Great post and points my friend!

czaroma said...

@brenda, good to hear that you are upholding those values too :)

@hitandmrs, yes it's better to ignore those friend request from people we don't know.... for security purposes na rin :)

@david, I'm also glad you are my friend!

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