Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Free Krispy Kreme Orange You Glad chiller on May 10

Orange You Glad You Voted?

After voting on May 10, you can visit the nearest Krispy kreme branch to get your FREE Krispy Kreme Orange Glad You Chiller! Print and present this coupon and your finger marked with indelible ink.

This is part of the email sent by the official Krispy Kreme Girl, Chloe. This came after they gave away a Smooth Blend Signature Coffee Free for those part of the Circle of Krispy Kreme Friends.

Krispy Kreme supports and reminds everyone to exercise our rights to vote! They have launched their “Vote 2010: DOugh Your Part” campaign to help spread awareness.

Make your mark.
DOugh your part.
Go out and vote on May 10.


verabear said...

I think this is an awesome promo to encourage people to exercise their right to vote!


czaroma said...

@verabear, yes it is! hoping for a good election result :)

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