Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Parents' Pointers That Works Like Magic

Smart Parenting Parent's Pointers, smart parenting magazine

In this month's issue of Smart Parenting magazine, my parenting idea got published. It's a new section of the magazine where parenting tips that works like magic from moms are published. Together with my shared tips are those ideas written by my smart mommy friends.

I've shared a simple idea on choosing the kids' piggy banks. Here's what I've shared -

As soon as my kids learned how to count, we let them choose their own piggy banks. Because of this, they learned how to save their coins. They are fascinated everytime they drop in the coins and see their piggy banks get filled up. I make sure that my kids understand what their needs are as opposed to what their wants are. It's important that they realize the value of money, spending it wisely, and the benefits of saving. Now, they're working on filling up their second piggy banks already!

I'm sure all moms have smart parenting tips to share.
You can share your parenting ideas by sending an email at feedback@smartparenting.com.ph. Put Parent's Pointers in the subject head of your email.

Smart Parenting Kiddie Greets, Smart parenting magazine

Also part of this April issue is the picture of my daughter who got included in the Kiddie Greets section. It's a section where pictures of kids who celebrates their April birthday are published. 

Before the month ends, grab your copy Smart Parenting April issue and get to read interesting articles suited for summer, handling siblings fight, banishing their bad eating habits, and a lot more! 


Mrs. Kolca said...

that's super cool i love sharing tips too, but too lazy to try those magazine ..hihi!

Chin chin said...

I like the Smart Parenting magazine. I always buy a couple of issues when I'm in the Philippines. Congrats on your tips being published.

Anonymous said...


Chris said...

i like that magazine too :) they have great articles.. by the way, i noticed that you have won 2x on their past giveaways... i saw your name 2x recently!

Dorothy L said...

Congratulations...that is quite an achievement.
Keep on doing what you are doing as it seems to be working~

czaroma said...

@Mrs. Kolca, hope you have some time to share those tips too :)

@Chin chin, thanks! great to hear that... SP magazine is really helpful and enjoyable to read :)

@Chris, love their articles too! yes, those are the ones from the SP website

@Dorothy L, yes indeed! thanks so much

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