Friday, April 23, 2010

Winnings From Smart Parenting

Months ago in an online contest where I've won a movie ticket, I've experienced another wrath from my so-called impostor-admirer. Incidences similar to this won't stop me from doing what I am passionate about. I guess now she also enjoys doing the same thing as mine. I keep on going and remained unmindful of her presence (even is she created an FB account using my name!).

From the same contest sponsor site where she and her friend had complained (a compaint that arises from their insecurities and bitterness), I've won again - not once but twice!
I've won an SP Yaya Manual and a Php 1000 gift certificate from Dance Dasics.

The Yaya Manual is every mom's guide to hiring, training and managing their yaya. I simply shared these three tried and tested yaya tips -

Simple tips that worked in our household: 1. Trust is important. Hire a yaya that you can trust to take care of your kids while you are away. Make sure that she and your kids are getting along well. 2. Let the yaya understand your house rules and regulations, her daily tasks and responsibilities. Make sure that she understands instructions clearly and that schedules are being followed. 3. Show and give respect. Treat your yaya correctly, like a family member, but with certain limitations.

And my shared answer to the benefits of enrolling your daughter in a ballet class -

Ballet is good for both the mind and the body. Enrolling my daughter in a ballet class would be enjoyable and rewarding at the same time. Ballet can improve her posture, make her more flexible, give her strength and she'll be able to walk with poise and grace. It will help develop her social skills and increase her confidence. It is also a good way of self expression, improving her focus and coordination.

Again, thank you for being fair. There are more promos ongoing at, so check out the site and join!


Golden said...

Congratulations sis! How many times have you won in a contest? May I have some of your lucky streaks? Hehe. Aww, I wonder why someone is pretending to be you. Tsk-tsk.

Lots of love,

Jane said...

congrats as always. wish i could be as lucky as you :)!

czaroma said...

@Golden, thanks! I have no idea how many times... it just feels good to join and win :)

@Jane, thanks so much! yes you can be lucky too :)

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