Monday, February 1, 2010

Small Things That Make Me Smile

earrings etsy

Thank you for the pair of earrings  I received from Momgen's Corner. I really like it! I love the pearly-white-and-pink color which of course, looks good on me. You can check out her craft supplies store to see more of her scrap supplies and clear envelopes.

hello kitty towel magnet pouch

Thank you to Gift Gate Philippines for these cute items. My sisters and I claimed our freebies from Sanrio Surprises in Megamall. We got these from answering a Gift Gate survey early last month. Glad that we are still able to claim these items. My sisters got the Hello Kitty pouch and magnet, while I choose the mini towel which I gave to my daughter.

These cute little things makes me smile and because of these, I am thankful.


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