Monday, February 22, 2010

Free Sunsilk Damage Hair Repair Kit

A FREE Sunsilk Damage Hair Repair Kit is being given away. I just received mine! The kit contains 200ml bottle of Sunsilk Damage Repair shampoo and 200ml tube of Sunsilk Damage Repair conditioner.

To get your FREE Sunsilk Kit, you just need to register thru text message.

Text: 10DAYS REG Name/Address [Send to 2600]

You will receive a text message after registration. The text message says that a Sunsilk representative will give you a call. But in my case, no one called... the kit was instantly delived in our doorsteps!


Aside from this, you may also win other fabulous prizes from Sunsilk. Watch the ad on ABS-CBN and vote how you want the story to continue. Buy Sunsilk Hair Repair sachet and look for the promo code. To vote, text 10DAYS to 2600.


Marice said...

wow nice naman! i wasnt able to join that :(

Chris said...

thanks for the info!

how much did the text cost you?

Silvergirl said...

thanks for the info,, i will try!

Jane said...

thanks for sharing! registered already :)

czaroma said...

@marice, until April pa yung promo. text na!

@chris, it's only P2.50 per text :)

@silvergirl, yes just text to get your Free Sunsilk pack :)

@jane, wait for your free sunsilk :)

... you're all welcome!

Ruth said...

Thanks for the info! :)

yljien ( said...

hi cza,

thanks for sharing...u inspired me ha...lagi u nanalo sa mga contests/raffles/promos na sinasalihan mo...ang swerte mo...

also, thanks rin for sharing ur camera with me during the derek ramsay photo ur email na...

God bless and more power 2 u!


Curious Mind said...

pwede pa kaya? hehe. gusto ko din sunsilk hehe. kaso pag tumawag di ko alam sasagot ko. shet ayaw ko ng question and answer. hehe


Bradpetehoops said...

Famous shampoo in the Philippines.

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