Monday, November 30, 2009

In Smart Parenting Magazine Once Again


Smart Parenting magazine included my short parenting POV and thoughts in their November issue. For three consecutive months, starting Septembe 2009, my parenting views were published in Smart Parenting.

I shared a brief note on the Parent's Point of View Section on the topic about buying preschoolers a handheld video game and another for the Last Thoughts section for the topic on how to get kids help at home. I love it when my views were published together with other moms.
I am just proud to be on Smart Parenting.

Smart Parenting November 2009 issue, which features Angelina Jolie sharing about motherhood as her favorite role, is still available at all leading bookstores. Get to read articles about choosing the right school for your child, on whether to go traditional or progressive; as well as some preschool problems.

Also get tips on teaching your child to eat with you at the table, battle his bedtime fears, and more. In this issue, you can also learn how to deal with common genetic disorders, the harmful effects of BPA and the latest about vaccinations. This issue is really packed with interesting articles, tips, resources and a lot more, that every parent should ought to know.


Marice said...

congrats sissy!

David Funk said...

Congrats my friend for being featured in Smart Parenting magazine again! You have become a celebrity in blog land!

Always great to know that others appreciate your writing! Congrats again my friend!

sweetdonut said...

congrats! maybe next month, you'll be in the same shoe again!

keep it up!

Silvergirl said...

Congrats :)

Clarissa said...

Happy Birthday po!!^_^

czaroma said...

@ marice, thank you!

@ david, it's just a small note, but it feels great to be featured

@ sweetdonut, I don't know if I'll be in the december issue... well, maybe not :)

@ silvergirl, thanks :)

@ clarissa, thanks so much and for the greetings too!

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