Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thoughts on Smart Parenting

Three of my point of views and parenting thoughts are included in Smart Parenting magazine's September 2009 and October 2009 issue. It became part of the parents’ point of view and last thoughts page. These topics includes sharing a perfect recipe for a quiet afternoon nap, kiddie clean-up tactics and letting my kids explore the Internet.

mom kids parent style Smart Parenting September
Smart Parenting September 2009 Issue

mom kids parent style Smart Parenting October
Smart Parenting October 2009 Issue

All parents have different parenting styles and ways of raising their kids. There are times when we learn from other parents’ experiences too. I am no model-mom; instead, I am enjoying, learning and having a great time being a mom to my kids.

Aside from parenting websites, I buy parenting magazines for it supplements and keeps me informed because of the tips and ideas I get to read. I am a subscriber also of the Smart Parenting newsletter. Right now, they have an ongoing raffle tickets promo for the Hi-5 Concert which will happen in Manila on Nov.25, 2009.


PinkNote said...

sana ako ren kahit isa lang , mapublish sa magazine.. ;)

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