Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My December Love Affair

I loved you first and I will keep on loving you. I am enjoying this bliss... this love affair that started way before I first fall in love and before I started my journey to Forever.

I can still remember every happy memories of the past, the emotions pouring at the moment, and the delight as I look forward to every year of celebrating this love affair. Yes, I can't help but continuously feel the love... the feelings are quite unexplainable.

You keep on showing goodness.
You keep on giving me hope.
You make me smile and fill my heart with much joy.
You never fail to keep the love burning.

I love the cold breeze as I feel the warmth of everyone around me. With it, I see the beauty of waking up each day with a smile. As the song says, "it's the most wonderful time of the year..." Yes indeed, it's my Most!

As I start December celebrating my birthday (which is a few hours from now) and ending it celebrating my wedding Anniversary, is really wonderful. In between those dates, family members celebrates their birthday's too - my sister, my cousins and my nephew.

Ironically, amidst all the hustles of Christmas shoppers, the congested traffic, the bulging bellies and burning wallets, I am still delighted for with it comes every meaningful Christmas celebrations, parties, reunions and get-togethers.

December, I will never ask you to stay for I know that you will leave without me without tears and sadness. Whenever the 31 days is over, I love celebrating with the world with fireworks and merriment to welcome a new year. You give me reasons to start my year filled with more hope, as I bring with me love, happiness and all the good times that you showed all throughout.

You made my year complete, and for all these and the countless blessings, I am more than thankful.


Ms. Marie said...

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Silvergirl said...

happy birthday :) enjoy have fun!!

Wendy said...

new to your blog... this post is very sweet... belated!

levy said...

oh belated happy birthday Czaroma!

My hubby and I will also celebrates our 5th Anniversary this month and I am having a contest. Please join, click my site for details.


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