Friday, September 11, 2009

When My Computer Starts Talking

I am the computer and this is my life. I am running all day long. I rarely sleep. I only take a few hours of nap during the day and I am awake during the night. The kids cannot sleep without hearing music through my speakers. With me, they can sleep soundly.

I work full-time for the woman; and part-time for her husband and the kids. On a daily basis, I access emails, the Internet and other software applications. I save all information she needs and bookmark those websites. My hard drive is now full of pictures, music, downloaded movies, and programs. This is slowing me down, yet I still keep on going. I even caught viruses, has been attacked and there was a time that I almost crashed! Whew!

I feel wonderful to be in their hands and live with the other PC's in the family's home. I feel deeply treasured and needed. I love it every time she is sharing me with the kids. I have fun seeing the kids playing their games and watching videos online. I appreciate it when I receive check-ups from her husband too.

I know she is searching for laptops, browsing HP notebooks and reading laptop reviews. Just like her, I always try to be more understanding and supportive. She needs a laptop that she can carry with her anywhere and enjoy those free Wi-Fi zones!

HP netbook laptop computer
She learned of this great sale over at HP website. She is now eyeing the lustrous-looking HP Pavilion dv2z and the cool HP Mini 110 notebook. Those are amazingly good choices!

Everyone else should really take advantage of the $30 stackable site-wide coupon that HP is offering. It means that there is a $30 off orders $150 or greater at HP Home Store. Coupon code to use is SV2132. This coupon is Valid through October 31, 2009 or while supplies last. Restrictions and exclusions apply.

Okay, I need to go back to work and take a break soon.


kcatwoman said...

oh my gosh! creative post. haha i love it , i was wondering who was talking, it was the computer pala. cute!really would check out the HP site. thanks!

Grampy said...

Excellent promotional post. You always do a great job.
Have a good weekend.

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