Monday, September 14, 2009

Strengthen Friendship Award

A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be. ~Douglas Pagels

It is always good to make new acquaintances and meet new friends even in the blogosphere. I appreciate this Strengthen Friendship Award shared by my sister, Liv of Tinkerputt's Turf.

blog award
The award above signifies:

Green : symbolizes the new buddies
Yellow : represents the guys who are always active
Blue : symbolizes the bloggers with PR
Platform Red : symbolizes that we are all equal and that we are brothers and sisters

Here are the rules for the award:

1. Create a post as above.
2. Include the link Giver Award.
3. For colleagues who have not followed this site or not exchange links, please follow or exchange links with me.
4. Copy-paste the image above

I am now passing this award to these 5 newly-discovered blogs that I found interesting and worth visiting. I have added their blogs in my Blog Roll too! hope that they would accept this award and support the Strengthen the Friendship chain.

All About My Life
A Lil Enchanted
enveloped ideas
Make or Break
Spinning Lovely Days

I also want to share this award with everyone on my Blog List and my Blog Followers. You can all grab this award!


levy said...

Hi! I love your blog.

I would like to have a link exchange with you (if it's okey)

Blog Title: Living life to the Fullest
Description: Tips, Articles, and facts about almost everything in this journey called life.

kindly leave a message on my site if you have already added me here, so that I could add you as well.


spinninglovelydays said...

Thanks, Czaroma. I'll be sure to pass this along. Adding you to my blogroll too. :)

pehpot said...

Hi sis! Thanks for the award.. will post this next week ha.. puno na kase ang aking post for this week :) by the way (and a bit of a spam)

Hi! Would you like to join me in making our adgitizing life easier? I made a tool where you can have 100 credits in a flash. Now I am looking for adgitizers who want to be included on the list. All I ask in return is you display our badge below or above your adgitize widget. Drop me a line HERE if you the banner is up on your site and I will include you on the list.


Make or Break

Mohan InaBox said...

WOW dear!! I love your creativity...

maroseqf said...

Hello! ang ganda naman po ng blog mo. Galing!

czaroma said...

@ levy, thanks. I added you in my blog list already.

@ spinninglovelydays, you're welcome and thanks for adding me in your blogroll too :)

@ pehpot, sure. I've already added the widget on my blog. It's interesting!

@ mohan InaBox, thanks so much!

@ maroseqf, thank you for appreciating my blog :)

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