Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Contests Prizes and Winnings

"I won!" I love saying these two words repeatedly.

Reading these words, "Congratulations you are one of the winners...", in my email (as long as it is not spam) makes me feel like I am in the clouds. Knowing that my name or one of my family member's is included in the winners list brings me much joy.

I just find it fascinating to receive prizes, freebies and tokens from the contests I had joined. Yes, sometimes I win and sometimes I do not. Here are all the prizes and some freebies that my family received last month.

contest prize freebies win
I appreciate all these gift certificates and items from Krispy Kreme, Honda Card Philippines, The Ramp Crossings, ClawDaddy, and Inquirer publications for the magazines and movie tickets. Even the kids enjoyed their loots from Disney Princess magazine and Total Girl magazine for my daughter's KidzRepublic gift certificate and for my younger sister's Barbie Mariposa beauty loot.

The latest item I received is a Physiogel gift pack as a consolation prize from MomsToady magazine for my short note on "How Do You Keep Baby's Skin Soft and Smooth."

contest prize freebies win
The monetary values of all these prizes are not really high, but the good feeling comes from considering that we got all these for free!

Well, will I also be lucky if I buy lottery tickets?


PinkNote said...

Wow! how i wish i will win even once..hehe


U.Pink said...

i also joined the THE RAMP Crossing contest.. hayy, wish i could win from other contests sometime in the future..^^

Jane said...

You are one lucky girl! Congrats!

online writer said...

You won again? Wow,you're so lucky. Why don't you try lotto this time, lol!

Really girl,i admire you for being so abreast with contests.Where do you learn of all these? Through magazines?

czaroma said...

@ pinknote, we all have chances :)

@ u.pink, don't give up just keep on joining sa mga contest. mananalo ka rin soon :)

@ jane, thank you!

@ online writer, I'm only joining few contests fron magazines, it is usually online contest :)
... I still have to try joining blog giveways and I don't know if I would be lucky at lotto! hehehe

Joy-Anne said...

wow! you won again. i always look forward to your posts about the contest you've won, ang galing. kasi parang ako i've never win anything kaya you inspire me to join contest baka sakaling manalo rin. hehehe...

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's amazing. Congrats! Your family has won more in a month that my family won in a lifetime.

MommaWannabe said...

Wow you are one lucky girl...sana manalo rin me sa lottery!

czaroma said...

@ joy-anne, just join sa mga contest and enjoy because there's nothing to lose. keep your fingers crossed! sooner or later, mananalo ka rin :)

@ conversationswithmom, thanks so much! these are just small winnings, though it makes us all happy :)

@ mommawannabe, I was just lucky the past few months... sana pareho tayo manalo sa lottery! hehehe

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