Friday, July 10, 2009

Roller Skating Babies on Video

Have you seen the video of these babies?

I am giggling while I watching these adorable babies break dancing while on their roller skates. This is a commercial video advertisement of a high-priced French bottled water, Evian.

This video already has 3 million views and is becoming another sensation in YouTube. A lot of people are amazed as these babies groove to “Rapper’s Delight” by hip-hop producer Dan the Automater.

Yes the video is computer-generated. Ludo Fealy of the Motion Picture Company and his team in London filmed a skater doing the moves and programmed this to replicate the babies’ body. This is Evian’s Live Young advertising campaign.

Babies works like charm even if they are in bizarre situations. I love their facial expressions that are captured well in the video. Somehow it’s weird and creepy when they leap over park fences and railings and these babies are not wearing their safety gears!

I couldn’t resist watching this video even if it doesn’t make me thirst for Evian. I wonder if this viral video will boost Evian's sales.


lizzie said...

These are really cute.

Grampy said...

I saw it before. It is really great.

robin said...

That really is a good one .. thanks for sharing!


czaroma said...

@ lizzie, grampy, robin... these babies are really cute! great watch :) said...

this Evian video goes to show how much more you can do with old school skates than roller blades

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