Thursday, July 9, 2009

First Payment From Adgitize

Adgitize Payment
I just received my first Adgitize payment through Paypal!

After trying out Adgitize as a Publisher for a couple of weeks; I decided to invest and become an Advertiser because
the system works for me and there's a lot of good feedback other Advertisers too. I've started being an Advertiser last June 16; and it was really great to receive my first payment.

Being an Advertiser really gives me more earnings!

There were already 102 Advertisers when I joined and now it has grown to 126 already. I am now getting 380-400 points everyday ($0.52-$0.75); 300 points if I don't post an article or click ads on the network.

Adgitize is indeed one of the best advertising deals on the Internet. Though this is not a huge make money online program; yet it's great to earn and receive traffic at the same time.

Adgitize - Get World Class Advertising on a Bloggers Budget

Adgitize is a system that helps bloggers to advertise for a small fee and increase the amount of traffic on their blogs.

You can participate as an Advertiser, Publisher and Affiliate.
Advertising cost only $14 for one month and your ad will run throughout the entire network.

Adgitize has a point system that gives you credit for posting and clicking ads on the network. It is very easy to earn more 300-400 points each day. You get points everyday for:

1. Blog post. Get 100 points for writing a quality article in your blog. Though, you only get 100 points even if you posted 2 blog articles everyday.
2. Ad views and page views. You can show up to 10 ads on your site.
3. Ads Click. Earn points from the number of ads you click. Click 100 ads in the network for 100 points; but if you are an Advertiser you only have to click 51 ads to get 100 points.
4. Advertiser bonus. Get 100 points for being an advertiser.

You can also earn being an Affiliate. Earn $5 commission and $1 monthly if they continue to advertise on the network.

Minimum payout is $10 via Paypal and you will get paid every month.

Adgitize your web site.

Monetize and advertise your blog at Adgitize. Join now and you have nothing to lose.


Bachrum said...

That a nice news, I am also trying for making money from the adgitize site... hope that I will get it soon.... Have fun and keep trying...

czaroma said...

@ bachrum, I wish you the best in Adgitize!

Eric said...

congratulations for a job well done!

this month is my 7th payment from Adgitize. ;)

Phebie said...

az n? talagang na intriga ako ng adgitize na yan...paano ba yan gagawin? how much will I invest for this? teach me naman oh...

czaroma said...

@ Eric, wow that's great!

@ Phebie, you have to register at Adgitize first :)

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