Wednesday, June 10, 2009

MomCenter's Weekly Winner For Children's Category!

momcenter philippines
My daughter Skylah is this week's winner for Children's Category at MomCenter Philippines. I've learned about this website since February and it was only two weeks ago that I've tried to submit pictures at 3 different categories (we didn't win in the family and Fisher Price Pic of the Week categories). Yes, I never expected that much but it made me really happy and more than thankful that Skylah won! This is a contest that runs weekly and for his week, a new set of pictures will be voted on by everyone!

I haven't explored MomCenter's website that much but it is good that there's another website that provides information, useful tools and resources for every moms in whatever stage they are. It also covers issues that women are interested in.

winning pictureWinning Picture


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