Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kids' Homemade Pastillas!

My daughter and my little sister made their own no-cook pastillas balls. My sister stirred the mixture and they both roll it into balls of uneven sizes! This is the simplest and the easiest treat that they could do. We decided to make this because even if I have shared a lot of milk boxes, we still have lots of Nido powdered milk (which we won from the previous Nido contests); and of course they want to learn how to make pastillas.

This is our yummiest treat for this is made with love and they really enjoyed making and of course eating this treat!

homemade no-cook pastillas
1 can sweetened condensed milk
2 150g Nido powdered milk
white sugar

Place the powdered milk in a mixing bow. Pour the condensed milk. Mix and blend the ingredients until smooth. Place the white sugar in a plate. Pour a small amount, roll it gently onto the white sugar and shape it into balls with your hands.

I haven't counted how many balls they've made because while they are making their pastillas everyone else keeps on tasting their pastillas balls!


Anonymous said...

It makes it extra yummy knowing that your girls made it.

myrlyndeleon said...

girl this is soooo yummy! i want to make some for my kids too :)

czaroma said...

@ conversationswithmoms & mrylyndeleon,it is really yummy! we'll be making more this weekend :)

Golden said...

Hi sis! Golden here from GT. I would love to make those pastillas with my baby daughter. ^_^

czaroma said...

@ golden, thanks for visiting my blog :) ... you're daughter would enjoy making pastillas too!

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