Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Reflections and Lessons Learned for the Extras in Life

"Put your heart, mind, intellect, and soul even into your smallest acts. This is the secret of success." ~ Swami Sivananda.
From Wikipedia: Swawi Sivanada
is a Hindu spiritual teacher, the proponent of Yoga and Vedanta, and the founder of Divine Life Society.

I found this quote moving; and maybe this is one reason why I view life my life as a continual success... simply because I place my heart, my mind, my soul and intellect into every thing that I do. I may not be a company manager nor a person earn billions of money, but still I am successful. I am satisfied knowing that I am able to accomplish work-related functions in the best way I can, even without proper training. I am fulfilled knowing I can be all that I can be! I am successful because for me life is worth living and I am living a fulfilled life!

+ The add-ons in my life

I am fond of magazines, treats, free event and online promos.

I already have a compilation of my kids published pictures in almost all parenting magazines in the Philippines, and newspaper appearances as well. I have joined online contests and promos and won some too... there are even prizes which I had left unclaimed. My kids had already enjoyed free kiddie events. My daughter Skylah had already experienced being photographed for a magazine and a booklet; and experienced her first fashion show as well... same goes for my little sister Jalysa. I have attended free concerts and movie premieres. I still have lots of unused gift certificates and items. And the list goes on...

These could just be some life "extras" that we take pride in. Maybe this is nothing compared to the huge successes of many other kids and mommies like me. I remember a fellow mom asking me all about these magazine appearances and winning moments, I just advised her to submit pictures based on what the magazine’s theme is and to keep on joining online promos. But of course, I am not the best person for this things, I only have a few dashes of luck. What about my kids on VTRs and commercials? Honestly, this is one thing I had never thought of exploring yet even if there had been agencies and talent scouts asking me and my kids for a go-see.

I simply want my kids to enjoy and live life to the fullest as well. I want to do things that they also love doing. And I am happy doing all these too. I have succeeded because I placed my heart into it.

Electronic Yellow PagesBut this month of May, I had chosen to give only a few minutes of my time to all these life extras, maybe because I had them all or I still had too much.

I decided not to take part and attend events and I can count the number of contests I had joined... but what about the ongoing contest at EYP? This is a promo wherein the top 10 people who had made a successful referral will have a chance to win a laptop. I knew I have a chance at winning this too, but I guess a lot of my energy have been drained from the previous Nido Fortified video contest. This is a contest that we’ve won because of the family and friends support and because I never thought of giving up. Still, it doesn't hurt to make a few referrals at EYP and help the site be known all throughout.

All these maybe the "extras" in my life; still, these things continuously kept me sane and make me whole!

I don’t live to please people and I had always experienced people envying me for reasons that should not be... from my college days, to my work, to what I love doing and even all these simple moments. Some had struggled so hard wanting to achieve what I had, but failed. One had kept on struggling to be like me and do the things that I love, she might have gained a few because she had chosen to imitate mine. This imitation could be flattery, but why hate me because of this?... Is it because she can't think of her own and she always wants to make her like similar to mine? Can she just be happy for me?


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