Wednesday, May 27, 2009

For the Love of Scents

I often choose wearing my favorite fruity or floral fragrances and smell baby scents on my kids. I also love smelling the combination of cucumber melon and cocoa butter and vanilla. Maybe this is the reason why I’ve grown fond of Victoria’s Secret Body Mist line and Bath& Body Works. Still, Marks and Spencer body sprays, floral and nature collections tops my list.

I am truly in love with light refreshing fragrance of Isis for Women Eau De Toilette of Marks and Spencer. It’s a fragrance which exudes with sophistication and style but still gives me a great value for money. As described, Isis is a sparkling fragrance of the sea which combines the flowers of rose, violets, rose and lily of the valley.

+ Time for Talk Perfume

I’ve also tried and used Miracle Forever by Lancôme which comes out strong and with a very great staying power. A perfume which comes with a hint of vanilla, oriental touch and of almond tree flowers.
But it won’t be my daytime or summer fresh fragrance. I still have an unopened bottle of Hypnose by Lancôme, and I still have to check if this scent will work on me.

How good it would be to find the perfect perfume or cologne scents for you. How good it would be to talk and check out perfume review sites and find out which one suit you best.


mye said...


thanks for visiting my blog -

appreciate the kinds words you left. ^_^

Joy-Anne said...

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czaroma said...

@ mye, you're welcome! you're blog is very interesting. love reading your posts as well :)

czaroma said...

@ joy-anne, i agree! there's more important issues to talk about than their sex videos.

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