Sunday, May 24, 2009

Packages and Prizes

kenneth cole reaction wallet
+ Friday, May 22

I've received a Kenneth Cole Reaction wallet from HSBC which was delivered in my lola's house. It had escaped my mind that there's a package that I was about to receive from the previous months HSBC promo. It's a credit card promo wherein you'll get to receive a freebie from them once you've used your credit card for a certain amount of purchase. I already have the same wallet and decided to give this Kenneth Cole wallet which costs $50 to my mom!

nido fortified+ Friday night, May 22:

I was still in the office when the kids yaya informed me that they'll be receiving boxes of Nido Fortified from Nestle. Whew! At last, we had received the complete prize from our winning Nido Fortidied video. The milk products is worth Php 46,000. I already had shared the first 6 2.5kg cans of milk to my family members and to the kids of our yaya. Now that we've already received a total of 504 150g boxes of milk, there'll be a lot more milk to share with other relatives and close friends.

nestle chuckie
+ Saturday, May 23

We woke up and find packages of Nestle's Chuckie Burst, which yaya had received early in the morning. This is a free package from Nestle's Chuckie as past of their online promotion. It is where kid members have to update their profile and the first 200 members will get to receive a package from Chuckie! It was fun seeing my kids and my sister open their packages!


iceah said...

wow! congratulations these are great blessing give thanx to our Lord c:

eden said...

Congratulations Sis. Nice prizes you got.

czaroma said...

@ iceah and eden, thanks so much! yes, we never fail to give thanks for this wonderful life :)

Joy-Anne said...

wow! congratulations, those are wonderful prizes!

Ldm said...
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czaroma said...

@ joy-anne, yes and I am so thankful for all these blessings :)

dhurianne said...

What a great prizes u got! really a blessing.

czaroma said...

@ dhurianne, these are just small prizes but still great blessings :)

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